Welcome to the fourth issue of the Car Shoe Bulletins, a brand new printed quarterly made by Car Shoe, and distributed in every Car Shoe store around the world. In this Bulletin we travel to Paris to interview Cedric Casanova, owner of the amazing restourant-and-shop La Tête Dans Les Olives. Here you can taste (and buy) the most delicious delicatessen from Italy, from olive oil to anchovies or tomatoes. Our "role model", in this issue, is Thierry Sabine, the legendary creator of the Paris-Dakar rally, the most iconic and charming race in the world.

In the "Folio" section you'll find pictures by Cody Cobb: mountains, blue skies, a thrilling wintery atmosphere. In the end, a useful guide to cool and interesting things happening around the world. Happy reading!

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