Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a pretty "young" city (it's just a hundred year-old) but it's one of the most important centers in Israel. And it's quite specific too.

It is set in the middle of the country, its name means, literally, "spring hill". It's the biggest city in Israel and the most cosmopolite, a very European outpost in the middle of Middle East.

Jajo Vino

Tel Aviv - Shabazi

Wine is one of the most interesting industry in Israeli economy. A lot of amazing wine bars are blooming in Tel Aviv, in which you can find local and international wines. One of our favorites is Jajo Vino. It is situated in the neighborhood of Sarona, set in a 150-year-old cave. A truly evocative environment.


Alma Hotel

Tel Aviv - Yavne

A boutique hotel built in 1925, the Alma Hotel was designed by Russian architect Dov Tchendovski, and has an astonishing personality because of its design. It is run by a brother and a sister who share a strong passion for food. This is why you'll find here one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, managed by chef Yonatan Roshfeld.


Bauhaus Center

Tel Aviv - Dizengoff

Tel Aviv has a pretty famous nickname: The White City. The nickname is due to the presence of 4.000 white buildings, erected in 1930s by German architects fled from Nazi Germany. They are all built in Bauhaus style, The Bauhaus Center was born in 2000 in order to promote this peculiar architectural style.



Tel Aviv - Nahalat Binyamin

One of the most fashionable restaurants in Tel Aviv is Mazlala. Located in the Bauhaus hearth of the city, it has a fusion menu ranging between Europe and Middle East, created by chef Meir Adoni (owner of four restourants here in Tel Aviv). Browsing between Israeli and international flavors, you'll fin amazing cocktails too. On Mazlala's website, if you want to practice, you'll find video tutorials made by chef Adoni in person.


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